Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a new and unique family law process that requires special training. Courtney ∙ Clark, P.C. is the only law firm in St. Clair County with attorneys trained in this powerful alternative to traditional divorce.

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce allows both parties to work together to reach an amicable outcome without court intervention. The process is facilitated by an experienced Belleville collaborative divorce lawyer to ensure that all issues are addressed and nothing is overlooked.

All divorce-related issues can be resolved collaboratively, including property division, child parental responsibility and children's issues, spousal maintenance and more. Even issues that arise following the conclusion of a divorce, such as disputes over child parental responsibility arrangements, can be resolved through collaborative law methods.

The Benefits Of Collaborative Divorce

There are many reasons to consider collaborative divorce. First of all, it puts the decision-making power in your hands and takes it out of the hands of the Illinois court. There is no risk of the court reaching a decision that neither side is happy with.

Additionally, because collaborative divorce avoids court, there is the possibility of a cost and time savings. Going to court is expensive and time-consuming. Many people see substantial savings by using collaborative divorce methods.

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