Spousal Maintenance Attorneys

Spousal maintenance, also referred to as alimony or spousal support, is a complicated aspect of many divorce cases. There are many misconceptions about when it is available and how it is calculated. You can get straightforward information from a skilled family law attorney. At Courtney ∙ Clark Law, P.C. we will work to make certain that spousal maintenance payments, if there will be any, are fair based on your circumstances.

How Is Alimony Calculated?

In January 2015, guidelines were enacted to determine the amount and duration of maintenance in most cases. Prior to applying the guidelines, a variety of factors, including the length of the marriage and each spouse’s ability to earn an income must be reviewed. Ultimately, maintenance is designed to make.

If alimony is a factor in your case, it is important to have a Belleville spousal maintenance lawyer on your side. We will review your case and pursue an outcome that is fair to you. There are many options related to alimony. Some relate to property division. For example, it is possible to forgo alimony in lieu of a higher property settlement. You have the right to know all of the options. We will make sure you are informed and we will guide you down the path that makes the most sense based on your circumstances.

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