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Divorce: Use the time in legal separation wisely

Deciding to end a marriage might be the hardest thing some spouses in Illinois will ever do. Some divorces take months or even years to finalize, and getting a court-ordered legal separation is the best way to deal with all the issues. Although such an order does not end the marriage, it stops the accumulation of marital assets. Anything obtained by a spouse after such an order is issued will be personal assets.

Furthermore, child custody and support issues can be worked out, even if arrangements are temporary. If it proves to be workable and in the best interests of the child, it might be included in the final divorce decree. This is also the time that each spouse can get his or her separate life in order. Closing joint bank accounts and canceling joint credit cards is important because banks and lenders will continue to hold both spouses responsible for debts, even if they are legally separated.

Using this period to establish a good credit rating might help to get lower interest rates and to obtain a mortgage after the divorce is finalized. A spouse might want to keep the family home, and getting a mortgage on only one salary might be challenging if he or she does not have good credit. In many marriages, all the finances are handled by one spouse, often leaving the other one in the dark. This period of legal separation is an excellent time to learn as much as possible about the family finances while both still have access to the accounts.

While it is true that all this could be overwhelming, no one needs to walk this road alone. Having an experienced divorce attorney who can provide the necessary support, guidance and advice can be an invaluable asset. An Illinois lawyer can answer questions, provide valuable tips and do what is required to prepare the client for a future with financial stability.

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