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No one needs to deal with a divorce without legal guidance

Ending a marriage is a traumatic experience for anyone, and with all the do's and don'ts along with advice from friends and family, online sources and others who mean well, the process can be overwhelming. For that reason, many people in Illinois who are in the throes of divorce secure the services of an experienced family law attorney. Although many family law matters can be handled without a lawyer, having legal counsel's support has several advantages.

Anticipating potential changes after divorce is essential

Regardless of the circumstances, anyone's financial situation can change at any time. This applies particularly to those who are in the aftermath of a divorce. For that reason, divorcing spouses in Illinois are advised to seek legal counsel to assist with the drafting of a settlement agreement to ensure all eventualities are covered. The inability to anticipate changes has caught many a divorced spouse unprepared.

Is an IRA a fair offer to replace an alimony payment in divorce?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will change the way in which alimony is treated on income tax returns. Currently, the spouse who pays alimony after a divorce benefits because he or she can show it as a deductible expense on his or her tax return, while the receiving spouse must show it as a taxable income. This rule will change as of Jan. 1, 2019, and Illinois individuals who are considering a divorce next year might benefit from getting qualified advice about the best way to deal with alimony.

Changing a divorce settlement agreement is tough but possible

Very few people in Illinois will likely consider the possibility that they might have to come back to the court to ask for changes to their settlement agreement. Once the final divorce decree is issued, the relief can be indescribable, but circumstances change, and modifications might be necessary. While such changes are never easy to achieve, it is possible if the appropriate steps are taken. The procedures depend on whether amendments are sought for spousal support, child custody or child support.

The importance of the language on divorce settlement agreements

Sometimes, when marriages end in Illinois, both spouses want to get the process over and done with as soon as possible. Even if they give their full attention to the property division process, their aim is to get that final divorce decree and move on. However, many divorcing spouses do not realize how important the details and clear terms on the settlement are.

Is unfamiliar divorce terminology overwhelming you?

Ending a marriage is never easy, and for anybody in Illinois going through this challenging process for the first time, the proceedings can be daunting. Gaining knowledge of the different terms and the legal language used during a divorce might limit the confusion somewhat. First in the terminology list is the Petition for Dissolution, which is the court filing. The chosen type of divorce will determine whether this filing occurs at the beginning or closer to the end of the process.

Divorce: Financial stumbling blocks during separation

Ending a marriage will always be a costly process -- not only emotionally but also financially. Advisers suggest Illinois residents who are considering divorce prepare themselves for the financial consequences of such steps. Both parties will be affected, regardless of whether they have a prenuptial agreement.

A strong support team may ease the navigation of a divorce

Ending a marriage in Illinois is typically a challenging time -- even if the breakup is amicable. For that reason, it might be wise for anyone in the throes of a divorce to build a team of supporters to assist with different aspects of the process. It is not uncommon for friends and family to provide advice that might be well-meant but is often misdirected. Although having them for moral support can be invaluable, information about divorce is best provided by a family law attorney.

Digital spyware -- the cheap PIs in modern divorce

With the easy access of spyware of various kinds, ending marriages in Illinois and other states are forever changed. A scorned spouse can gather evidence of a soon-to-be ex's every movement, conversation and online activity. Electronic devices costing next-to-nothing are freely available for installation on phones, computers and in vehicles, and they are reportedly utilized by many people in the throes of divorce.

Why do so many couples divorce after decades of marriage?

It is no longer unusual for couples in Illinois and elsewhere who are older than 50 years to split up -- often after decades of marriage. It has become known as a "gray divorce," and many people wonder what would be the reason for this phenomenon. An author of a book on the subject has identified some common causes, one of which is the spouses growing apart over time rather than one triggering event. He also says when a couple decides to file for divorce, family and friends are often caught entirely unaware.

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