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Why do so many couples divorce after decades of marriage?

It is no longer unusual for couples in Illinois and elsewhere who are older than 50 years to split up -- often after decades of marriage. It has become known as a "gray divorce," and many people wonder what would be the reason for this phenomenon. An author of a book on the subject has identified some common causes, one of which is the spouses growing apart over time rather than one triggering event. He also says when a couple decides to file for divorce, family and friends are often caught entirely unaware.

The financial changes typically brought about by divorce

When a person in Illinois is thinking of ending a marriage, it might be wise to consider the financial consequences of such a step. A divorce is not only an emotionally draining process, but it could also tap one's funds. The first matter of concern for many is the family home for which a mortgage was likely obtained on the strength of both incomes, and utilities and maintenance costs are generally also shared. Even if the court awards the house to one spouse, affordability must be considered.

Divorce may be the only option in any of these circumstances

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say more than 20 percent of marriages in Illinois and elsewhere experience some sort of disruption within the initial five years after the wedding date. Relationship advisers say it is not the causes of the disruptions that lead to divorce but the manner in which couples deal with the problems. The also say that some reasons for divorces are cited more frequently than others.

Financial planning in divorce planning is unique to each person

People search for all types of advice on the internet. Any Illinois resident who is in the throes of a divorce has likely resorted to Google for advice and found that most sources are generic and typically focus on women and the financial planning they need to do. However, financial planning in a divorce is for all, not only women, and the circumstances of each are unique. For most people, the first area to look at is a post-divorce budget.

Understanding the need for a final divorce decree

When can an Illinois couple say their marriage has finally been ended? They have to wait until the court has issued a final divorce decree. This also applies even if the divorce was amicable and the couple reached a settlement agreement out of court. The decree will be the court's confirmation that the judge has granted the termination of the marital relationship.

Finances in Stephenson multimillion dollar divorce finalized

Multimillionaire Richard Stephenson married Alicia 26 years ago, and 16 years later they decided to separate. Two more years elapsed before Alicia Stephenson filed for divorce. For the past eight years, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America founder and his former wife battled to reach an out-of-court settlement, but all their efforts failed. In the end, it was up to the court and an Illinois judge to decide how to divide the millions.

Divorce and the role financial secrets play

Money can be the source of happiness, but some Illinois couples might have experienced the opposite. It is often said that many a divorce has followed financial arguments between spouses. While those who are knowledgeable recommend honesty and disclosure about finances throughout a marriage, a recent nationwide survey revealed money secrets that are kept by many people.

Divorce may be the only option

Being in an unhappy marriage is something not wished upon anybody. Although divorce might be considered, Illinois residents will also know that it could be a traumatic and costly experience. However, certain circumstances make divorce the only option -- particularly if there are also children involved.

Midwest has eight of 15 cities with most divorced persons

Certainly Illinois residents who are married know that whether or not they remain married or get divorced really depends on factors within their marriage more than what other couples around them do. However, it can be interesting to know just how many people in a given area might actually get or be divorced. If nothing else, this may help someone going through a divorce to feel less alone and more understood during such a difficult experience.

Financial tips during and after a divorce

There is no denying the fact that getting divorced can be a stressful and financially challenging experience. For many couples in Illinois, in fact, financial struggles may well have been big contributors to the marital troubles that led to a divorce. In addition, life after a divorce can often see people with reduced income and the need to readjust their living styles in order to accommodate their new financial pictures.

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