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Family law restricts an unmarried father's legal rights

When an unmarried Illinois man is the biological father of a child, he will not automatically be regarded as the father. Paternity will have to be established. Family law allows fathers to acknowledge paternity by signing specific forms after the child's birth. Without acknowledging paternity, the father will not have any rights, but acknowledgment will only guarantee him some rights.

Family law: Domestic violence victims can get protection

Resources are available to help victims of domestic violence in Illinois obtain protection. Protective orders and restraining orders could be obtained under criminal or family law, and they could apply to a variety of situations. Protection can be dealt with as part of a divorce or following an arrest for domestic violence. Emergency Protection Orders typically follow an arrest, and they are valid for a restricted period. However, upon request EPOs can be modified to remain effective for more extended periods.

Family law: Grandparents no longer kidnappers of grandchildren

Grandparents in Illinois might be relieved to learn about the recent unexpected passing of House Bill 4607. This legislative proposal will allow grandparents who have custody of their grandchildren to ensure they get the necessary medical care even if it is in a neighboring state. Previously, family law gave them custody, but grandparents could face criminal charges for kidnapping a child if they sought medical care across state lines.

Family law: Will Illinois pass proposed new divorce laws?

State Representative Ford recently sponsored a bill designed to bring about changes to the existing parenting time system. If this debate goes his way, Illinois might be following a route similar to other states that have modified family law to put both parents on an equal footing when it comes to child custody and parenting. However, it will not be easygoing because some resistance exists.

Family law representation available for all in Illinois

Although many Illinois people might have been married more than once, some have to face the challenges of a divorce for the first time. While there might be no lack of advice from family, friends and even those who are no more than acquaintances, the dynamics of each divorce are different, and it might help to know what to expect. Fortunately, with the support and guidance of the family law attorneys at the southern Illinois law firm of Courtney ∙ Clark Law, P.C., the entire process could become manageable.

Family law: Legal counsel a benefit even in uncontested divorce

Anyone in the throes of divorce in Illinois will likely get loads of well-intended, but often misguided, advice from friends and family. The dynamics of each separation are unique, and it might be better to encourage loved ones to provide moral support while seeking legal guidance from an experienced family law attorney. Even if a divorce is uncontested, it can be an advantage to have access to the assistance and advice of legal counsel.

Family law and the challenges of blended families in Illinois

Blended families have become a regular part of society in Illinois. Almost everybody knows a blended family if they are not part of one themselves. Family law requires careful consideration of various aspects of remarriages, particularly when children from previous marriages are involved.

Do grandparents have rights under Illinois family law?

Grandparents in Illinois can petition the court to grant access or visitation time with grandchildren. However, Illinois family law does not give grandparents any rights to time with their grandchildren. Some believe that the divorce of the parents of the grandchildren can be as traumatic for the grandparents as it is for the grandchildren. In many cases, one set of grandparents is cut out of the lives of the children as soon as the parents go their separate ways.

Cut, curl and courtroom: Hairstylists might see marital issues

Going to the salon for styling and pampering is a regular ritual in the lives of many women. To some, it can feel like a safe space to talk about personal issues that wouldn't be discussed elsewhere. For women in Illinois who are experiencing domestic violence, the salon could be a new place to gain access to resources to improve the situation at home.

What do preschoolers need during a parent's divorce?

How can you help young kids when you are going through a divorce? If you have children who are toddlers or of preschool or pre-kindergarten age, you will want to remember that their view of the world is very different than yours. Addressing things in the way that they can comprehend is essential when supporting them through this process.

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