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Divorce: Untying financial knots can be complicated

Before tying the knot in Illinois, it is likely with great anticipation that otherwise dreaded tasks are completed. These might include getting a marriage certificate copy and arranging the name change with the Social Security Office and the DMV, opening joint bank and credit card accounts, and ensuring that the names of both spouses are on the residential property deed. The same excitement might not be present when all those changes must be undone in the event of a divorce.

Divorce: Use the time in legal separation wisely

Deciding to end a marriage might be the hardest thing some spouses in Illinois will ever do. Some divorces take months or even years to finalize, and getting a court-ordered legal separation is the best way to deal with all the issues. Although such an order does not end the marriage, it stops the accumulation of marital assets. Anything obtained by a spouse after such an order is issued will be personal assets.

How to avoid making financial errors in the throes of divorce

Admitting that marriage has come to an end might seem like one of the most challenging things to do. However, as many in Illinois might know, getting through the divorce unscathed is an even more significant challenge. Along with matters related to children, financial errors made at this time can have long-term consequences. For that reason, knowing which mistakes to avoid might be a significant advantage. The most important task to prepare for a stable financial future is to develop a financial plan.

Divorce and the many challenging decisions to make

Ending a marriage is one of the most challenging times for any couple. Navigating a divorce in Illinois requires both spouses to make many difficult choices and decisions that could determine many aspects of their post-divorce lives. Some realize too late that some choices were emotionally motivated rather than made for practical or financial reasons. One common concern involves the decision of where to live.

Divorce rates seem to be affected by different generations

The lifestyle preferences of different generations seem to affect more than the consumer market. The CEO of a fast food establishment revealed slumping sales -- blaming it on the preference of millennials to prepare home-cooked meals. Illinois residents might also be aware that it was only months ago that a Wall Street Journal report indicated that mayonnaise sales had dropped considerably. Some suggest that this also follows changed lifestyles in which natural foods are preferred. Following another recent study, it was reported that millennials are less inclined to divorce.

Why would anyone choose legal separation rather than divorce?

Some Illinois couples find that they can no longer live together, but instead of ending their marriages, they choose legal separations instead. Why would they decide not to file for divorce? It is important to note that it is not merely a matter of living apart -- for a separation to be legal, the court must be petitioned.

Divorce after a short marriage -- what about spousal support?

Impulsion has come back to bite many people in Illinois and elsewhere. Those who marry impulsively may find that the decision could have far-reaching consequences if a divorce soon results. Even though a particular marriage may be short-lived, the legal impact could be long-lasting. Many Illinois spouses who file for divorce after marriages that lasted for only weeks or months may have questions about alimony.

What could lead to contempt of court in a divorce case?

Most people in Illinois who are in the throes of ending a marriage will likely admit that it is an unpleasant situation in which to be. It is unlikely that anybody who is going through a divorce would intentionally do something to worsen the situation. However, without experienced legal guidance, inadvertent mistakes can lead to contempt of court charges.

No one needs to deal with a divorce without legal guidance

Ending a marriage is a traumatic experience for anyone, and with all the do's and don'ts along with advice from friends and family, online sources and others who mean well, the process can be overwhelming. For that reason, many people in Illinois who are in the throes of divorce secure the services of an experienced family law attorney. Although many family law matters can be handled without a lawyer, having legal counsel's support has several advantages.

Anticipating potential changes after divorce is essential

Regardless of the circumstances, anyone's financial situation can change at any time. This applies particularly to those who are in the aftermath of a divorce. For that reason, divorcing spouses in Illinois are advised to seek legal counsel to assist with the drafting of a settlement agreement to ensure all eventualities are covered. The inability to anticipate changes has caught many a divorced spouse unprepared.

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