Marital Property Division

When going through a divorce, one of your biggest concerns is the protection of your property. You want to make certain that you come out of this with enough money and other assets to live comfortably as you move forward with your new life. Not surprisingly, marital property division is one of the biggest causes of disputes in divorce cases.

At Courtney ∙ Clark Law, P.C. our attorneys have decades of experience resolving property division disputes for people like you in Belleville and throughout Southern Illinois. Whether you are primarily interested in keeping your home or you have substantial assets that need to be protected, you can be confident with us on your side.

How Property Division Works In Illinois

There are many misconceptions about property division. One of the first things our lawyers will do for you during your free initial consultation is eliminate those misconceptions and educate you about Illinois family law pertaining to the division of property.

Illinois is an equitable division state, rather than a community property state. Unlike other states, it is not presumed that property will be divided 50/50, although that is a possibility. The law calls for an equitable division of property — in other words, a fair division of property based on the circumstances involved. That may mean that property will be divided 60/40 or 70/30. It depends on factors such as each spouse's income, child parental responsibility arrangements and more.

It is also important to understand that only marital property is subject to division. Nonmarital property, which includes property obtained prior to the marriage, may not be divided. Our goal is to help you separate and protect your nonmarital property, while pursuing a division of marital property that is truly fair.

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