High-Asset Property Division

At Courtney ∙ Clark Law, P.C. we are equipped to handle the most complex marital property division cases. Does your marital estate include not only the family home, but multiple real estate holdings in Illinois or elsewhere? Do you have investment properties and accounts, art and antique collections and other substantial assets that need to be protected? You can benefit from the 40-plus years of combined experience offered by our lawyers.

Isolating And Protecting Nonmarital Property

The first step is to ensure that all assets are properly classified. Our attorneys will move quickly to identify nonmarital property. This includes property acquired prior to the marriage, as well as gifts and inheritances obtained during the marriage. Identification of this property can be complex if it has been comingled with marital property. We have the knowledge and skill to carefully characterize and protect assets not subject to division during divorce, as well as recognize attempts by the other side to improperly classify assets as nonmarital.

The Skill To Resolve Serious Property Division Disputes

High-asset property division cases are more likely to involve serious disputes. While every attempt will be made to resolve these disputes through negotiation and settlement, we believe it is important to prepare to take the next step if necessary to ensure a fair outcome. The firm works regularly with experts on issues of complex valuation and financial asset planning to assist with property division. We will be prepared to go to trial and argue in the courtroom to protect what is yours.

Free Initial Consultation

Through settlement negotiation and trial, we will serve as your advocates to protect your hard-earned assets. Call 618-207-3458 (toll free 866-921-8767) or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Belleville office.