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What to expect in a child custody case

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Child custody is one of the most difficult aspects of the divorce process. Emotions often run high. The other parent might not share your view of what is best for your child. It’s not unusual for parents to have an incredibly difficult time coming to an agreement on any number of issues.

Courts will cite the Illinois Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act in issues related to child custody. Parents usually want to know what to expect in a child custody case, but the law is complex and can be confusing to understand.

What are common issues in a child custody case?

To help parents better understand the process, our divorce attorneys have compiled the following list of common issues and concerns in child custody cases:

  • Visitation time schedules: You and your ex-spouse will need to work out a fair and equitable parenting time schedule. The schedule should realistically fit your needs. You will need to coordinate the parenting time schedule with your ex-spouse.
  • Parent relocation: It’s not unusual for one parent to move to another state after a divorce, but the move will have an impact on child custody. A parent with primary custody of a child will need to obtain permission from the other parent or the court. Illinois law allows a parent with primary custody to move anywhere in the state without permission from the other parent
  • Child safety issues: One of the top concerns in child custody cases is child abuse. Such allegations are extremely serious and must be investigated. Unfortunately, in some cases a parent may be falsely accused of abuse. A parent who faces false child abuse accusations should consult with an attorney as soon as possible.
  • Violations of existing parenting plans: In some cases, a parent will disrupt an agreed-upon visitation plan. The parent may fail to drop off a child at the agreed time and place. A parent might argue the other parent is failing to make child support payments as an excuse to deny visitation.
  • Disagreements on a child’s upbringing: Parents may not agree on a variety of topics such as religious training or disciplinary measures. In cases involving joint custody, parents need to agree on how to raise their child during mediation.

These are just a few of the issues to consider during child custody cases in Illinois. Because each issue can lead to multiple questions that ultimately may need to be raised in court, it’s critical for parents to work with an experienced divorce attorney.

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