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What Are the Sources of Conflict Among Divorcing Couples?

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Nearly 690,000 couples got divorced in 2021, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Center for Health Statistics. That’s roughly half the number of couples who got married in the same year.

Factors that can lead to divorce

People get divorced for many reasons, but often, it’s because a conflict in the marriage leads to a breakdown of the relationship. At least one spouse believed that conflict could not be resolved and that getting a divorce was the best option.

What are the most common sources of conflict? Here are the top 7, according to a Forbes Advisor survey of people who were divorced or going through a divorce.

1. Career choices

These can lead to marital conflict when partners have very different professional ambitions. When that is the case, there can be issues related to long work hours, geographical moves, or prioritizing one career over the other. In the survey, 46% of respondents cited career choices as the biggest source of conflict that led to their divorce.

2. Parenting differences

Partners may disagree on discipline, parenting styles, or the division of childcare responsibilities. Couples may have disputes over decisions related to education, extracurricular activities, and even extended family involvement. These conflicts can affect both the parents’ relationship and the well-being of their children.

3. Division of household labor

There can be arguments over chores and responsibilities for housework, regular domestic tasks, and upkeep of the home. Partners may have different standards for cleanliness, and conflicting expectations and perceptions can cause resentment to build.

4. Relationships with family

Each partner’s relationship with extended family members can be a source of tension. Disagreements or interference from in-laws and relatives can put a strain on the couple’s own relationship. Differences in family values, traditions, or involvement can also lead to conflict.

5. Relationship with friends

Friendships can impact a marriage when one partner’s close friends clash with the other partner’s personality values. Conflicting social circles, differences in friendship dynamics, or concerns about the influence of certain friends can trigger disputes.

6. Finances

Spending habits, disparities in income, or different financial goals can lead to conflict. There may be disagreements over budgeting, saving, debt management, or attitudes toward money. Lack of transparency regarding finances and disputes over financial responsibilities can also lead to tension.

7. Health choices

Partners may have very different lifestyles or approaches to well-being. There may be disagreements over exercise routines, dietary preferences, or medical decisions. Concerns about one partner’s health habits can also lead to conflicts, especially if they impact the overall quality of life or long-term plans.

Divorce can be challenging, but you don't have to go through it alone.

Getting divorced is a major life change, and there are many decisions to be made that can have legal and financial complications. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced divorce attorney on your side.

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