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1 in 3 Divorced Americans Cite Credit Card Debt as a Cause

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Finances, especially shared finances, often contribute to strain among married couples. Whether it's the creeping tension of mounting bills, the clash over spending priorities, credit card debt, or strain caused by financial secrets, the impact of monetary issues on marriages is profound.'s yearly survey reveals that one-third of divorcees cited credit card debt and spending habits as a cause for divorce. The study surveyed 526 adults aged 18 and over across all 50 states and Washington, D.C., about their divorce experiences through 11 questions. The survey was conducted on January 31, 2023, and sought to understand the role of financial issues in marital breakdowns.

What did the study reveal about credit card debt and divorce?

Among one-third of the participants, nearly 70% admitted to hiding credit card debt from their partner, and another 80% confessed to concealing their spending habits. These two issues highlight financial dishonesty as a significant factor in these failed marriages.

According to Howard Dvorkin, CPA and Chairman of, credit card debt and excessive spending can significantly strain marriages, especially when one or both partners conceal such financial issues.

Divorcees who cited financial dishonesty as a reason for their separation often faced further financial hardships post-divorce. For example, 38% accrued at least $10,000 in additional debt, and 40% experienced a drop of 50 or more points in their credit score.

Moreover, 57% of participants cited disputes over large purchases as a contributing factor to their divorce. This marks an increase from 42% the previous year. Additionally, nearly 25% linked their financial problems to frequent dining or drinking out, which indicates lifestyle choices as a source of marital problems.

Breaking down the numbers

According to other findings:

  • 37% of participants report taking on sole responsibility for previously shared debt.
  • 13% cite shopping habits as a contributing factor to their divorce.
  • 25% are unaware of how their divorce affected their credit score.
  • Divorces involving credit card debt are most common in the South Atlantic region.

If you're considering divorce, we can help

Divorce can be an emotionally taxing journey, especially when it involves issues caused by financial strain. Dividing assets, determining spousal support, and establishing child custody arrangements can also add more stress and uncertainty. In such challenging times, seeking guidance from an experienced divorce lawyer is essential.

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