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How did federal workers keep up child support during shutdown?

While the government shutdown lasted longer than what most people anticipated those who have to deal with the wage impact might face unanticipated legal problems. Noncustodial parents nationwide, including in Illinois, whose earnings were affected by the shutdown might have been unable to maintain child support payments. Many federal employees who live from paycheck to paycheck might have had to find other sources of income or borrow money to pay child support.

Child support facts to dispel the myths

Illinois parents who are recently divorced and new to having to deal with all the child-related issues might have questions about it. There are many child support myths, and the sooner parents learn the facts, the sooner they can adjust to the new dynamics. Parents who have to pay child support often believe the myth that child support is one-sided and only that parent's responsibility.

When does the court base child support on imputed income?

The Illinois family law court focuses on protecting the best interests of children, and most divorcing parents do the same. However, there are those who would do anything to avoid paying child support, and that is where imputed income comes in. When determining the amount of child support a parent must pay, the court might look at potential income rather than actual income.

Are there time limits to create, modify or collect child support?

Anyone in Illinois who is going through a divorce will know that there is a host of matters to address and also many questions about what to do first and which issues can be left for later. Child support is one such matter. Although there is nothing that says it must be addressed first, it might be smart not to leave it for last. Dealing with it early in the process when the financial situations of both parties are considered for property division, alimony and more might be the appropriate time. Parents can negotiate child support and present their agreements to the court for approval, or they can leave it for the court to decide.

Reasons for seeking child support modification

Parents in Illinois who separate or divorce remain responsible for the care and support of their children. Although the court will order child support at a level that will take care of the best interests of the child, life goes on, and circumstances change. The family court recognizes that changes can be for the better or worse, and adequately motivated petitions for modifications might be approved.

The court will have the final say in child support agreements

In any divorce that involves children, dealing with matters involving them can be stressful. Although child support is one issue that is typically determined by the court, Illinois parents may be involved in the process. Those who can work together to negotiate a child support agreement that specifies the amount, payment frequency and duration may do so. Discussions can occur with or without attorneys being present, although it makes sense to have a family law attorney finalize the agreement.

Who pays child support when parents have joint child custody?

With many divorced parents in Illinois opting for joint child custody, there may be several questions needing answers. One of those will likely involve child support. The reality is that child custody can be shared in various ways, affecting the child support responsibilities of both parents. Joint custody typically works best for parents who can maintain an amicable post-divorce relationship.

New child support law may make it easier for some to comply

Non-custodial parents in Illinois may find the financial burden eased following a change to current law that was signed earlier this month. Child support has just become more affordable, and lawmakers say the goal was for the obligations of child support to be more equitable. In the future, child support orders will no longer be based solely on the income of the non-custodial parent.

New child-first method for calculating child support

The State of Illinois has been working to keep kids at the center of the focus when it comes to important family law issues like parenting time. Instead of focusing on what parents want, the goal is to look at what kids need. Now the state is looking to take another step forward in putting kids first by implementing a new way of calculating child support obligations. The approach has been adopted in 39 other states thus far.

Can an app help me co-parent?

If you are one of the many divorced parents in Illinois who struggles with how to track financial expenses related to your kids in conjunction with your former spouse, you know that this is no easy task. Your divorce decree may outline the basic plan and criteria such as which one of you must pay how much in child support and how much each of you must pay toward health insurance or medical costs, but you quickly learn that there are many other things left for you to figure out. Even tracking the items that are clearly defined in your settlement can become complex and open up too many opportunities for conflict between you and your ex.

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