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Child Relocation and Child Removal

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Child relocation (sometimes called "child removal") is a legal term used in Illinois to describe the relocation of a child to another state by one parent or family member. Such situations sometimes occur after a divorce or separation.

Legal cases involving parental responsibility, parenting time and child related issues in Illinois can be complicated. That's why it's critical that you have an experienced divorce lawyer on your side who understands Illinois' laws and how they relate to your child relocation case.

We get it at Courtney Clark Law, P.C. in Belleville, Illinois. That's because our experienced divorce attorneys have been handling such complex cases for decades. We know the law and know how it relates to real people just like you in Illinois.

Common legal issues that arise

Legal issues involving child relocation can be complicated. Some of the most common reasons why issues arise involving child relocation include:

  • Parent wants to move to another state permanently with a child.
  • Dispute over where a child should live if parents live in two states.
  • Parent moves to another state with a child without the court's permission.

If your former spouse moved to another state with your child without your permission, contact our law firm immediately. We can discuss all the legal options available to you. The same applies any other legal case you may have involving child relocation.

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